During a two-year residency at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), SFUFF curated and produced film and multimedia programs that center the power of storytelling to amplify community voices. 

Our partnership with YBCA was a dynamic blend of collaboration and experimentation, a fertile ground for creative prototyping. Together, our mission was twofold: to engage individuals to participate in the ongoing evolution of San Francisco while elevating the art of storytelling as a powerful agent of social and structural change.

Throughout our residency, we brought the community’s diverse voices to the forefront, pioneering novel ways to celebrate their narratives and activate collective goals. Through our multimedia exploration, we created immersive experiences and transdisciplinary conversations that not only connected communities but also served as sources of inspiration and access points to civic processes.

Our journey at YBCA showcased the potential of art institutions as catalysts for community-driven evolution and the ability of storytelling to shape our collective future.

Key Partners