It’s All About Storytelling and Place

The SF Urban Film Fest (SFUFF) is an intergenerational, multi-racial, cross-disciplinary team of urban planners, filmmakers, housing activists, academics, and civic innovators leveraging the power of storytelling to create just and equitable cities.

SFUFF’s practice incorporates skills and approaches from three fields simultaneously, thereby transforming each of them along the way: we integrate elements of film festivals, urban planning, and public programming to create engaging community events that celebrate the diversity and vitality of cities while interrogating the injustices and inequalities abound in them. We believe in leveraging the power of storytelling to sustain public dialogue that forges paths to social justice. We envision a world where all communities have equitable access to housing, transit, education, cultural expression, and all that is necessary to thrive.

We produce an annual film festival, convene storytelling workshops, and partner with cities and community organizations to co-create multi-phase storytelling projects. Find more information on our past and current projects below: