When the pandemic hit, we saw how cities across the country struggled to adapt, reevaluate their priorities, and provide resources for the most vulnerable. Our 7th annual film festival focused on how the coronavirus affected our communities.

These are dark times. We yearn for continued respite. We mourn the lost lives and livelihoods and the broken norms and systems. We rage at the deep and enduring injustices and the reckless destruction of our environment. For some it was easy to take those things and our comfort for granted, but others always knew, always lived in the hard fact that brokenness was always there. Yet there is resilience in our places, wisdom in each of the layers of our streets and those who walk them, neighborhoods and neighbors, and cities and the communities that fill them—all the way down to the strata of the soil and bedrock. Up from those layers rise up resilience, the resolve to resist being crushed, the desire to love, care, and rejoice, and the will to live. Those are our stories, our narratives of ruin, resistance, and renewal.