Questioning Rent as Routine


For many folks, paying rent is a stressful monthly routine task. Affordable housing was designed as an alternative that would relieve this stress by pegging the rent owed to a reasonable 30% percentage of household income. But many residents of affordable housing still experience rent stress. If affordable housing was designed to keep people from feeling this stress, why is it still happening? What is it about the structure of affordable housing finance that may contribute to this on-going rent stress? Why charge rent at all?

This workshop will help demystify the financing that drives the creation of affordable housing. It will cover the basics of the medley of public sector financing sources and the surprisingly huge role the impenetrable tax code plays in incentivizing the private sector. You will learn why it’s so hard to create affordable housing and have the opportunity to generate alternative rent and non-rent based housing models.


Reetu Mody (Moderator)


Fay Darmawi

Founder and Executive Director, SF Urban Film Fest

Rebecca Foster

CEO, San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund


My Little Hilton
USA | 11 Mins. | Directed by Todd Sills & Kevin D. Wong
Now in her 60s, Gayle moves to San Francisco to finally pursue the dream she never had the opportunity to realize in her 20s: becoming a jazz singer.